Definition of engine room in English:

engine room


  • 1The part of a ship or building in which the engines are housed.

    ‘the vessel reported a fire in its engine room’
    • ‘I went to photograph the engine room of a steam ship and in there were models of cargo ships.’
    • ‘In the interests of safety, the engine room and lower decks have been sealed off.’
    • ‘She has an engine room which has three engines.’
    • ‘A petrol explosion saw the engine room engulfed in flames and the crew abandon ship.’
    • ‘In the very bottom of the ship was the engine room, which could only be reached from the outside.’
    • ‘Knowing she didn't have time to check them all she started for the engine room of the ship.’
    • ‘He had been down in the engine room when his ship was torpedoed and was only just able to get out in time.’
    • ‘The operations room, for example, has plenty of machinery still in place, and there is plenty to see in the engine room as well.’
    • ‘Some believe the Antarctic to be the engine room of world climate, as changes here have a bearing across the globe.’
    • ‘All were rescued except two crew members who perished in the engine room.’
    • ‘There is access to the lower deck and engine room.’
    • ‘The next set of holes presents a selection of ways into the engine room and around the top of the diesel engines.’
    • ‘It will sail to Zeebrugge using the power from the engine in its other engine room.’
    • ‘The power came from a spinning metal shaft run through from the engine room, geared up through a transmission.’
    • ‘The ship's engine room was easily accessible through the rotting deck.’
    • ‘Mr Curry said they decided to secure the engine room last Thursday because of fears for the ship's safety.’
    • ‘Back toward the stern, the engine room was a claustrophobic tangle of boiler and pipes and driveshafts.’
    • ‘We checked the massive engine room and filmed the now rusty gears on the open gearbox.’
    • ‘The damage extended from the bow to the forward engine room below the water line.’
    • ‘The hull is completely intact, and a visit to the engine room is a must.’
    1. 1.1The principal source of energy, activity, or strength in a particular context.
      ‘he and Ben have become the engine room of this England side’
      ‘this region was the engine room of the economic boom’


engine room