Definition of engirdle in English:


transitive verb

(also engird)
[with object] literary
  • Surround; encircle.

    ‘railroads engirdled this tract of country’
    • ‘An hour's journey brought them to the bank of the river, which, dividing above it, engirdled the town, to reunite near the roadway that they followed.’
    • ‘Here, in addition to the eastern dome and south-eastern tower, we see a portion of this gallery as it engirdles the nave and the south transept walls.’
    surround, circle, ring, encompass, encircle, circumscribe, border, bound, edge, skirt, fringe, hem, line, flank



/inˈɡərdl/ /ɪnˈɡərdl/ /enˈɡərdl/ /ɛnˈɡərdl/