Definition of English Canadian in English:

English Canadian


  • A Canadian whose principal language is English.

    • ‘There are many more French Canadians who learn English as a second language than English Canadians who learn French.’
    • ‘Because of the similarity of American and Canadian accents, English Canadians travelling abroad are virtually resigned to being taken for Americans.’
    • ‘Canada was built on co-operation between diverse cultural groups, specifically French and English Canadians, who united to throw off the imperial British rule.’
    • ‘In Canada, the English Canadians behave in a similar manner toward European hockey players!’
    • ‘Meanwhile, as referendums and Quebec's constitutional debates continued, English Canadians became frustrated and resentful.’


  • Relating to English-speaking Canadians.

    • ‘He co-translated a dozen of the plays and brought them to English-Canadian audiences for the first time.’
    • ‘What the minister has not learnt from a quick study of Canadian film history is that English-Canadian films represented less than one per cent of screen time in 1924.’
    • ‘Even in Quebec, where he certainly has the respect of critics, the public does not respond to his works with overwhelming support; and among English-Canadian readers and filmgoers he is virtually unknown.’
    • ‘As of April 5, it had earned $924, 574 nationally, an extraordinary figure both for a documentary and an English-Canadian film.’
    • ‘The English-Canadian media, however, displayed a tendency to play down Richard's cultural and political significance.’
    • ‘Until the 1990s, the group was dominated by white, English-Canadian women.’
    • ‘They formed a creative community that would dominate English-Canadian cinema until the end of the century.’
    • ‘The recent establishment of a fully integrated English-Canadian music company may alter this situation somewhat.’
    • ‘With an audience of 2.5 million for its first episode, this show receives the highest ratings for an English-Canadian series debut.’
    • ‘Anne of Green Gables is an important English-Canadian novel precisely because it has proven to be so popular that it has become a national icon.’