Definition of English English in English:

English English


mass noun
  • English language as used England, as distinct from that used elsewhere.

    • ‘I wonder whether there are some differences in the colloquial applications of this word between present-day American English and English English?’
    • ‘He thus understood how Scottish English stood apart from English English, and what, in particular, it expressed.’
    • ‘Scottish English can be so much more expressive than English English.’
    • ‘Indian English preserves many words that have disappeared from English English.’
    • ‘Most of all, I believe, English English is preferred because of the number of British textbooks available in China and the fact that a high percentage of those Chinese teachers who have been abroad have been in Britain.’
    • ‘I tend to think of it as a very American usage, but I was surprised that the author found many occurrences in English English.’