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English horn

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mainly North American Music
  • An alto woodwind instrument of the oboe family, having a bulbous bell and sounding a fifth lower than the oboe.

    ‘Berckmans is still on board, and his oboe, bassoon and English horn remain a major part of the group's mediaeval chamber music sound.’
    • ‘She is playing oboe and English horn in the Academy Concert Band and the West Point Woodwind Quintet.’
    • ‘Delicately scored for English horn, harp, and two percussionists, it was described by the composer as ‘a garden of sounds and silences.’’
    • ‘He's served as an Air Force bandsman for 20 years and can just as easily strike a tune on an English horn.’
    • ‘Even he played English horn on occasion.’


English horn

/ˈiNG(ɡ)liSH hôrn/ /ˈɪŋ(ɡ)lɪʃ hɔrn/