Definition of English rose in English:

English rose


  • An attractive English girl with a delicate, fair-skinned complexion regarded as typically English.

    • ‘Even her image as the sexy English rose is more complex than it appears at first sight.’
    • ‘Lastly, although she seems to be an English rose, her father was Irish (rather romantically descended from a Celtic chieftain) and she spent much of her childhood in Ireland, which was where her love of plants began.’
    • ‘To a Victorian audience it would have been even more moving, for on close inspection she is no Greek maiden, but a late-Victorian English rose whose predicament is straight from the pages of a penny dreadful or pocket novella.’
    • ‘The English rose rented a flat in Dublin while filming the the movie, King Arthur.’
    • ‘Everyone loves the dancer, but how many see beyond the English rose to the determined lady within.’
    • ‘But his striking good looks and intellectual passion were perfect ingredients for an English rose from a moneyed background.’
    • ‘I'm not a traditional English rose and don't have naturally pale skin.’
    • ‘Vacationing aimlessly in the Mediterranean, she was an uprooted English rose.’
    • ‘She played the character as a fragile English rose struggling to take root in the immoral mire of Berlin.’
    • ‘And McKenna, a pure English rose, is mesmerising, backed up by a fine cast.’
    • ‘Hazel is an English rose who is graceful, elegant and sassy.’
    beautiful woman, belle, vision, charmer, enchantress, Venus, goddess, beauty queen, English rose, picture, seductress


English rose