Definition of engram in English:



  • A hypothetical permanent change in the brain accounting for the existence of memory; a memory trace.

    ‘The memory trace, or engram, ‘feels’ like it is stored permanently in the brain and it will never be forgotten.’
    • ‘We'd wiped the memory engrams clean, or so we'd hoped.’
    • ‘She shouldn't be thinking about him anyway, she should be flushing him out of her memory engrams.’
    • ‘The engram is the neural network representing fragments of past experiences which have been encoded.’
    • ‘The solution is auditing, to discover and to clear these traumatic engrams, hidden in the subconscience.’
    • ‘The presence of these engrams impedes personal development and happiness in one's later life, and so they need to be expunged, or ‘cleared,’ in order to achieve mental and emotional well-being.’
    • ‘Auditing, the theory goes, enables members to confront and overcome engrams.’



/ˈenɡram/ /ˈɛnɡræm/


Early 20th century coined in German from Greek en- ‘within’ + gramma ‘letter of the alphabet’.