Definition of enhancer in English:


Pronunciation /ɛnˈhɑːnsə/ /ɪnˈhɑːnsə/


  • 1A person or thing that enhances something.

    ‘a sweetener and flavour enhancer’
    • ‘That only leaves the readily available cognitive enhancers caffeine and nicotine.’
    • ‘For growers of fruit, cereals and vegetables this provides new market opportunities, but they will have to be able to guarantee good crop yields without the phosphate-based growth enhancers used currently.’
    • ‘Because of their caffeine content, coffee, tea and cocoa were used as awareness enhancers in some older religions.’
    • ‘He was serious, too, claiming that society must distinguish between known menaces like heroin and cocaine, and alleged performance enhancers.’
    • ‘The specialist equipment has a host of features including seats with back support, wheelchair access, safety straps and visual enhancers.’
    • ‘In the medical profession the wonder drugs that bring back memory or improve it for anything between two and six years are called cognitive enhancers.’
    • ‘While performance enhancers can build a body to Herculean standards, they do not necessarily strengthen the heart within that body.’
    • ‘Is it proof that while Italy and Holland have had major problems with performance enhancers this part of the world is now cheat-free?’
    • ‘These upgrades are major quality-of-life enhancers for the likes of me.’
    • ‘It is a powerful antidote to despair in bad times and an enhancer of pleasure in good times.’
    • ‘The challenge was to develop applications in communications and entertainment or productivity enhancers which showed a combination of innovativeness, quality and usability.’
    • ‘The tragedy is that these are doomed to failure because they are in no way, enhancers of resources.’
    1. 1.1Genetics A DNA sequence that increases the level of transcription of a gene that is located nearby on the same chromosome.
      ‘Both mutations are caused by the presence of the gypsy insulator between the enhancer and promoter sequences of the cut and yellow genes.’
      ‘Hence, selective events occurring in one region of the genome would be facilitated if there were an enhancer of recombination nearby.’



/ɛnˈhɑːnsə/ /ɪnˈhɑːnsə/