Definition of enlace in English:


transitive verb

[with object] literary
  • Entwine or entangle.

    ‘a web of green enlaced the thorn trees’
    • ‘Tonight, Raven wore a silky red blouse with a high neck secured with gold buttons and enlaced with gold trimming.’
    • ‘There, a waterfall gurgled and bubbled happily down to a rushing stream, seemingly enlaced with bits of gold, that in turn flowed around bends all the way out of the cave.’
    • ‘Nicole pulled out a purple dress enlaced with pearls on the hem and neckline.’
    • ‘The vast back yard encompasses a cabana, private pool and patio area, all bordered in landscaping and the original stone wall, enlaced with vines.’
    • ‘This jewelry box shows two angels at either end enlaced with a ribbon.’



/inˈlās/ /ɪnˈleɪs/ /enˈlās/ /ɛnˈleɪs/


Middle English from Old French enlacier, based on Latin laqueus ‘noose’.