Definition of enlarge on/upon in English:

enlarge on/upon

phrasal verb

  • Speak or write about (something) in greater detail.

    ‘I would like to enlarge on this theme’
    • ‘The same authors wrote both books, enlarging upon the first with new information, and ending with the 1940s rather than about 1920.’
    • ‘Before discussing how he proposed to get from the state of nature to civil society, it is worth enlarging on the details of the argument, all of which have proved contentious for generations of Hobbes's readers.’
    • ‘In the second, Sayers develops and enlarges upon a number of the central themes of her understanding of Christianity.’
    • ‘As we began to create, just with a black wax pencil or black charcoal, enlarging on our chosen section, or erasing parts of it, it was amazing to see what both trained and untutored members of the class could do.’
    • ‘As you would expect, there are extensive footnotes, enlarging on the points made in the text, and there is a substantial list of references.’
    • ‘The report enlarges on this theme.’
    • ‘Apart from ‘some environmental benefits’ which have not been enlarged upon, no one has explained why the closure of Frenches Road is so important.’
    • ‘While agreeing with him, I would like to enlarge on his arguments.’
    • ‘Would you like to enlarge on your views in that area?’
    • ‘That brings me on to your recommendation that you need dedicated grievance managers; would you like to enlarge on that?’
    elaborate on, expand on, add to, build on, flesh out, add flesh to, put flesh on the bones of, add detail to, expatiate on