Definition of enmesh in English:



[with object]usually be enmeshed in
  • 1Cause to become entangled in something.

    ‘whales enmeshed in drift nets’
    • ‘I am saddened that people lost money, I am saddened that people lost jobs, I am saddened that a major company is enmeshed in a major scandal.’
    • ‘Even when their produce is earning the country billions of dollars, their lives are enmeshed in poverty, illiteracy, and misery.’
    • ‘Japan is enmeshed in a familiar quandary about how to provide military support without damaging its pacifist constitution.’
    • ‘The first generation was enmeshed in the struggle of making it in America, often changing their names and beliefs to fit in.’
    • ‘While he has never served at Westminster, he has been enmeshed in politics for most of his adult life.’
    • ‘Nerve cells, like those of the brain, are enmeshed in fatty tissue.’
    • ‘But business was enmeshed in state controls - precisely the sort of thing it had hoped to avoid by helping the Fascists into power.’
    • ‘Doing something to address one's situation or circumstances is deeply enmeshed in Western culture.’
    • ‘When we meet Johnny Rico and his pals, they are already enmeshed in combat, and we hear little about the war on a larger scale.’
    • ‘Vita tried to call her husband, but he was enmeshed in his own crisis.’
    • ‘On this basis alone they demonstrated themselves to be deeply enmeshed in a web of obligation and dependence.’
    • ‘It was like being enmeshed in a giant web - there was no way to escape the destiny that awaited this world.’
    • ‘She's getting enmeshed in a tangle of lies, and Tom is certainly going to find out about it.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, William was enmeshed in a desperate war in the Netherlands.’
    1. 1.1Involve (someone) in a difficult situation from which it is hard to escape.
      ‘he is enmeshed in an adulterous affair’
      • ‘The more he struggles, the more he is enmeshed.’
      • ‘Adapted from an award-winning play, Closer examines the lives of four people who become enmeshed in a tawdry tale of adultery.’
      • ‘There wouldn't have been any way in the world to not become enmeshed in the campaign.’
      • ‘Remaining in the transport portfolio would, according to the PDs, leave the Tanaiste enmeshed in protracted union disputes.’
      • ‘Today, the Falun Gong is deeply enmeshed in a propaganda war with Beijing.’
      • ‘At the meeting, he finds himself enmeshed in a discussion of complaints about the paper's political coverage.’
      • ‘Mr. Bruno is enmeshed in a widening criminal investigation into his business ties to people seeking state money or actions.’
      • ‘Doing something to address one's situation or circumstances is deeply enmeshed in Western culture.’
      • ‘She was justifiably shocked to find me already enmeshed in a version of that story.’
      • ‘The avowed objective was to underpin one of the favored Lebanese factions enmeshed in the multilateral disputes in the country.’
      • ‘All the scenes enmesh the fibres of one aspect of Liverpool life.’
      • ‘The element of passion that gets enmeshed with the expectations on both sides needs no reiteration here.’
      • ‘The scandal is also enmeshing insurance companies selling variable annuities, policies that let investors pay their premiums to mutual funds.’
      • ‘They're all enmeshed in the on-going debate on how Germany should deal with the files of the former East German secret police - the Stasi.’
      • ‘The world is hydra headed, as old as the rocks and as changing as the sea, enmeshed inextricably in its ways.’
      • ‘He often experienced the self not as infinitely removed from particulars but as hopelessly enmeshed in them.’
      • ‘In the first place, it is important to realize that faith has always come enmeshed in a cultural context.’
      • ‘They have since struggled to make a reappearance, as movies have become more and more enmeshed in the Hollywood discourse.’
      • ‘She says she is not like Lawrence, but we know the craft of writing has always been enmeshed in apprenticeship.’
      • ‘For a second or so, there is a complete communion between us, as our respective states of contentment become momentarily enmeshed.’
      entangle, ensnare, snare, trap, entrap, ensnarl, embroil, involve, catch up, mix up, bog down, mire
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/ɪnˈmɛʃ/ /ɛnˈmɛʃ/