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Pronunciation /iˈnəf/ /ɪˈnəf/

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  • 1As much or as many as required.

    ‘there's too much work and not enough people to do it’
    • ‘he did just enough studying to pass his exams’
    • ‘there will be time enough to tell you when we meet’
    • ‘There's more than enough work to be done implementing existing policies.’
    • ‘They make hundreds of billions of dollars every year, more than enough money to pay for the costs.’
    • ‘What all of this means is that Ireland has more than enough organs to save the lives of those on waiting lists.’
    • ‘Fortunately, he's got more than enough talent to pull off a project like this without much trouble.’
    • ‘This would give it more than enough time to find other sources of money.’
    • ‘I had more than enough loose change in my coin purse to pay for it.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking we have more than enough time to practice but I'm not sure if I want to do it.’
    • ‘Test reports indicate that it develops enough power for the job and is flexible.’
    • ‘The presence of juice extracting machines at several spots in the city is enough indication.’
    • ‘The area is gravelled to cut down on maintenance, we've got enough work to do in the back!’
    • ‘If there is not enough housing to satisfy demand, how could prices go down?’
    • ‘It can fit in the corner of a room and produce enough flour to satisfy all a community's needs.’
    • ‘One answer might be that bands these days are simply not producing enough music to satisfy demand.’
    • ‘On neither of those trips was there enough sun to get any decent photographs.’
    • ‘Be sure to bring enough food and water to sustain oneself and wear suitable rainproof clothing.’
    • ‘There were enough families dotted around to provide a satisfying amount of encouragement.’
    • ‘Our immediate experience tells us that with enough fuel we could easily make a rocket ship go as fast as we like.’
    • ‘It may still be possible to save it if enough messages from writers and readers are received by the heads of the college.’
    • ‘In certain areas we didn't keep the ball enough, especially in the first half, we gave the ball away too easily.’
    • ‘But then one of the three pulled out, and officials decided that two was enough.’
    sufficient, adequate, ample, abundant, as much … as necessary, the necessary
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    1. 1.1Used to indicate that one is unwilling to tolerate any more of (something undesirable)
      ‘we've got enough problems without that’
      • ‘After attempting to come back in pre-season, the problem only got worse and he decided enough was enough.’
      • ‘Diaries can suffer from a process of attrition, as people decide they have had enough of the task of completing a diary.’
      • ‘She finally decided that enough was enough, and it was time to give up.’
      • ‘After sitting there for almost two hours he decided he'd had enough.’
      • ‘So, after all this, I've had enough. Stop it. It looks stupid.’
      • ‘Sean decided he'd had enough of being electrician when he was electrocuted on the job one day.’


  • 1As much or as many of something as required.

    ‘you need to get enough of the right things to eat’
    • ‘they ordered more than enough for five people’
    • ‘he used to give us a small allowance, just enough to live on’
    sufficient, plenty, plenty of, a sufficient amount, a sufficient amount of, an adequate amount, an adequate amount of, as much as necessary
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    1. 1.1Used to indicate that one is unwilling to tolerate any more of something undesirable.
      ‘I've had enough of this behavior’
      • ‘ that's enough, pack it in’
      • ‘Enough! After six years of your arguing, I've had it!’


  • 1To the required degree or extent (used after an adjective, adverb, or verb)

    ‘at the time, he wasn't old enough to vote’
    • ‘a house that's big enough for your family’
    sufficiently, adequately, amply, satisfactorily, passably, tolerably, reasonably, fairly
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    1. 1.1To a moderate degree; fairly.
      ‘I can get there easily enough’
      • ‘he seems nice enough’
    2. 1.2with sentence adverb Used for emphasis.
      • ‘curiously enough, this is not a new phenomenon’


    enough said
    • There is no need to say more; all is understood.

      ‘Several people were asking if the Old Fair Day was to return this summer, but the answer is - pubs in general don't want any part of it, enough said.’
      • ‘While ordering at the bar, we saw one leave the kitchen - enough said.’
      • ‘Dave, all good points well made, and better than I could, so enough said.’
      • ‘My brother was there for the food, my sister… well, my sister is the biggest flirt imaginable, and that's enough said, and I was there was there for the dancing.’
      • ‘Just think of a kitchen with seventies' lime green cabinets and mustard countertops… hmm… enough said!’
    enough is as good as a feast
    • Moderation is more satisfying than excess.

    enough is enough
    • No more will be tolerated.

      ‘someone has got to stand up and say enough is enough’
      • ‘The British people are very tolerant but there comes a time when enough is enough.’
      • ‘It is quite obvious that this council will try to get more tax from us each and every year, unless we say enough is enough and flatly refuse to pay any extra.’
      • ‘We, as a community, must stand together and say enough is enough and that we are not prepared to accept anti-social behaviour.’
      • ‘Our communities have to unite against this sort of unacceptable behaviour and surely it is time to say enough is enough.’
      • ‘But we also know when enough is enough and we have got to change direction.’


Old English genōg, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch genoeg and German genug.