Definition of enounce in English:



[with object]
  • 1rare Utter or pronounce (words)

    ‘hers was the only voice able to enounce words that reached his ears’
    • ‘He spoke in the tone one might fancy a speaking automaton to enounce its single words.’
    • ‘The former manager attempted to enounce typical TV platitudes over Rangers' lack of cohesion on Wednesday night's post mortem.’
    • ‘Gone are the days of beheading royalty and treason for enouncing the monarch's name.’
    • ‘The student should be able to enounce these sounds independently.’
    • ‘At his command the chorister enounced the prophet's song.’
    pronounce, articulate
    1. 1.1State (a proposition, theory, etc.) in definite terms.
      ‘the principles enounced in his Notes On Cinematography’
      • ‘This is a remarkable proposition for a war memorial to enounce.’
      • ‘But literature will never be able to do this for itself: it can only "enounce" the truth that the sociological reading "reveals".’
      • ‘The antecedent comprises the two propositions, the one of which enounces the general rule.’
      • ‘The proposition is incontestable yet incompletely enounced.’
      • ‘Wordsworth's theory was perhaps not enounced with perfect clearness.’


Early 19th century from French énoncer, from Latin enuntiare (see enunciate).