Definition of enraged in English:


Pronunciation /inˈrājd/ /ɪnˈreɪdʒd/ /enˈrājd/ /ɛnˈreɪdʒd/


  • Very angry; furious.

    ‘an enraged mob screamed abuse’
    • ‘Several minutes later we were well away from the enraged geese.’
    • ‘Tyndareus envied her for he would love nothing better than to follow his enraged child.’
    • ‘At best, I can say he draws an amusing enraged dog.’
    • ‘The following morning, the entire base was made to parade in front of an enraged station commander.’
    • ‘The Blazers needed a police escort to get past the enraged Mills.’
    • ‘He drove off the enraged animal with a fish spear.’
    • ‘The next morning, an enraged Hood put his army in pursuit.’
    • ‘Outside, the enraged hijacker pounded on the cockpit door.’
    • ‘This decision follows an immediate outcry by the enraged Indian community in the United States.’
    • ‘The walls weren't so thick as to block out the shouts of an enraged father.’
    • ‘The others attempted to help her and were likewise stung by the enraged Tarantulas.’
    • ‘Angry words turned to blows, and the enraged Willard drew his pistol and shot the man dead.’
    • ‘But an enraged Williams increased her efforts to secure the match-winning break.’
    • ‘Didn't she feel like storming the barricades in a fit of enraged self-justification?’
    • ‘If they were surprised to hear these enraged words from their usual docile sister, they didn't show it.’
    • ‘Many bishops and enraged lay people respond that the injustice is regrettable, but it is the price to be paid.’
    • ‘After wandering into shark territory, Oscar has to flee from an enraged Frankie.’
    • ‘This time the regiment was called out, backed up by several enraged civilians, and the fighting was intense.’
    • ‘As frustration mounted, more and more examples of enraged public figures losing their cool began to appear.’
    • ‘The enraged students wore jeans and American army apparel.’



/inˈrājd/ /ɪnˈreɪdʒd/ /enˈrājd/ /ɛnˈreɪdʒd/