Definition of enrapture in English:



[with object]
  • Give intense pleasure or joy to.

    ‘Ruth was enraptured by the sleeping child’
    • ‘It stirred me, enraptured me, and thrilled me in a way few films can.’
    • ‘Battino tells us he is an actor, and I am sure the skills culled and condensed from that profession delight and enrapture the listener when he tells his stories.’
    • ‘If they fail to enthrall and enrapture the audience, The King of Marvin Gardens ends up a very slow, very confusing film.’
    • ‘They will deliver a show that is quirky, fun and spontaneous, while simultaneously enrapturing the audience with their artistry and talent.’
    • ‘Perhaps what enraptures the reader about this realm is the music captured in his lines.’
    • ‘I was in Afghanistan for only the first four years of my life, yet the country fascinates me, enraptures me and the hope of its rise once again against all odds keeps me going.’
    • ‘It's a body of work that engages the mind and enraptures the eye.’
    • ‘It is reverently displayed and enraptures the museum's Russian visitors.’
    • ‘Thankfully, it has fostered a realisation that everyone, no matter how big or small, can be equally enraptured by the art of the great storytellers.’
    • ‘The crowd, of course, are enraptured all the way through.’
    • ‘Painters and sculptors who have seen her graceful performances are said to be simply enraptured with the perfection of her harmony of motion.’
    • ‘From that moment on, everything Waits did only enraptured me further.’
    • ‘The young audience was totally enraptured by this brilliant program.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful moment, one during which I am in no doubt whatsoever she was enraptured in complete and utter awe of my mere presence.’
    • ‘His voice enraptured the crowd, who were compelled to sing along.’
    delight, give great pleasure to, give joy to, please greatly, charm, enchant, captivate, enthral, entrance, bewitch, beguile, transport, ravish, thrill, excite, exhilarate, intoxicate, take someone's breath away
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/ɪnˈraptʃə/ /ɛnˈraptʃə/