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  • 1The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

    ‘enrichment of the soil for more plant growth’
    • ‘environments where youth can experience cultural enrichment’
    • ‘Quality academic advising has often been identified as an important facet in the retention and enrichment of college students.’
    • ‘The most important is that of population growth carries with it a qualitative enrichment of community life.’
    • ‘After-school and summer programs support academic enrichment and life-skills development.’
    • ‘As well as using music for continued artistic enrichment, she has favourite records that fire off associations with particular events.’
    • ‘Adams took over responsibility for "a shining constellation of museums ... with the responsibility to use these resources for the cultural enrichment and education of the nation".’
    • ‘Official instructions are being sent to farmers informing them of their obligation to give pigs "environmental enrichment".’
    • ‘We've been conditioned to expect music for free, to our great cultural enrichment.’
    • ‘It's a non-profit after-school program to provide educational enrichment for kids in the area.’
    • ‘When great musicians, they leave behind a wealth of evidence of their enrichment of music and each other.’
    • ‘His contributions towards enrichment of literature and society's progress have been widely acclaimed.’
    1. 1.1The action of increasing the proportion of a particular isotope in an element, especially that of the isotope U-235 in uranium so as to make it suitable for use in a nuclear reactor or weapon.
      ‘a centrifuge plant for uranium enrichment’
      • ‘the enrichment process used to make nuclear fuel rods’
      • ‘They agreed not to possess facilities for nuclear reprocessing or uranium enrichment.’
      • ‘The major powers generally want to limit proliferation of nuclear power precisely because of its links to weaponry, which is made possible by the enrichment of uranium.’
      • ‘The non-nuclear weapon states should agree not to acquire or make nuclear weapons and that nuclear enrichment of uranium was only allowed for peaceful purposes.’
      • ‘The officer's initial search turned up more than 100 names, including diplomats who had defended the country's nuclear enrichment programme.’
      • ‘The nuclear enrichment site is buried deep in the mountains.’
      • ‘Another small enrichment facility had been dismantled some time ago.’
  • 2The process of making someone wealthy or wealthier.

    ‘the policy was denounced as a means of enrichment of a small elite’
    • ‘Privatisations were conducted corruptly for the enrichment of a greedy few.’
    • ‘He said the party would rally against the stripping of national assets for the enrichment of a handful of private individuals.’
    • ‘It would take democratic control of the major corporations and reorganise production to meet the needs of society, rather than the enrichment of a handful of company chiefs and major stockholders.’
    • ‘The central economic case for land-value taxation was the enrichment of all members of a community who were willing to work.’
    • ‘Personal enrichment of any person within the non-profit organization must remain strictly prohibited.’
    • ‘They both devoted themselves to the further enrichment of an oligarchy at the expense of the people.’
    • ‘Opposition figures have suggested that the money was either part of a government slush fund or evidence of illegal enrichment on her part.’
    • ‘In this province, it appears as if corruption and the single-minded pursuit of illegal enrichment at the expense of others are liberally spread across all sectors within government.’
    • ‘Several deputies from another opposition party filed a complaint accusing the couple of illicit enrichment, but a judge ruled that they had committed no crime.’
    • ‘Scandals involved relatively small sums of money, usually destined for party funds rather than personal enrichment.’



/inˈriCHmənt/ /ɪnˈrɪtʃmənt/ /enˈriCHmənt/ /ɛnˈrɪtʃmənt/