Definition of enrobe in English:



[with object]
  • 1formal Dress in a robe or vestment.

    ‘There were two beings, a woman and a man, enrobed in velvety clad that draped their long, thin bodies.’
    dress oneself, dress, get dressed, attire oneself, enrobe
  • 2Coat (an item of food) in chocolate, a sauce, etc.

    • ‘For example, the Fortune Cookie ice cream includes bits of fortune cookies enrobed with chocolate.’
    • ‘When she asked what it was, I responded ‘Homemade marshmallows, roasted peanuts and cocoa nibs enrobed in dark chocolate’, a dark mood crossed her face.’
    • ‘Mounds of crispy slivered almonds enrobed in dark chocolate.’
    • ‘It's an almond kernel housed within a date and enrobed in Middle Eastern chocolate.’
    • ‘I've enrobed coffee beans, pretzels, honeycomb, prunes… you name it, I've dipped it.’



/ɪnˈrəʊb/ /ɛnˈrəʊb/