Definition of ensepulchre in English:


(US ensepulcher)

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɛpəlkə/ /ɛnˈsɛpəlkə/


[with object]literary
  • Place in a tomb; bury.

    • ‘With Elizabeth dead, ensepulchred in Florence, their son provided the sustaining focal point of his father's remaining twenty-eight years of life.’
    • ‘Dante's punishment for the "arch heretics and those who followed them" was that they be "ensepulchered" and to have some "heated more, some less."’
    • ‘Let the wolves' black maws ensepulchre their brother beast.’
    • ‘One vast common doom ensepulchres the world.’
    • ‘A large quantity of wheat and Indian corn had been secretly buried at the Marquis's Quinta, or Country House; and thirty pipes of good red wine there also ensepulchered.’
    bury, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb, inurn


Early 19th century from en- + sepulchre.



/ɪnˈsɛpəlkə/ /ɛnˈsɛpəlkə/