Definition of ensilage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈensəlij/ /ˈɛnsəlɪdʒ/


another term for silage
‘Chapter ten focuses more on the mechanical aspect of baling the ensilage, such as baler type, driver and baler behavior, methods of wrapping bales, storage of bales, and some economic comparisons of different baleage systems.’
  • ‘The grains produced are mixed with ensilage and hay and supplemented with vitamins and minerals to create the most nutrition for the cows, therefore producing the highest quality milk for use in Braum's dairy products.’
  • ‘Accustomed to ensilage, a full ration of alfalfa would start the cows scouring and by tomorrow morning the pasture would stink.’


another term for ensile


Late 19th century from French, from ensiler (see ensile).