Definition of ensile in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Put (grass or another crop) into a silo in order to preserve it as silage.

    ‘the grass was ensiled with sugar beet plus an inoculant’
    • ‘When heavy infestations of corn smut occur, grain yields can be so severely decreased that the most viable economic alternative may be to harvest and ensile the crop.’
    • ‘High nitrate levels persist when forages are cut for hay, but ensiling the crop reduces nitrates by one-half.’
    • ‘Various approaches to ensiling crops have been developed, but many systems are expensive and are not suitable for emergency conditions or the small producer.’
    • ‘Directly ensiled grass can produce peak effluent flows of up to 30 litres per tonne per day for the first few days after ensiling.’
    • ‘Initial costs for this system are minimal, and storage costs are less than ensiling in concrete bunker silos or bagging silage.’
    • ‘A preservative is then applied and the grain is ensiled in a polythene-lined clamp.’
    • ‘Direct chopping and ensiling this wet corn can cause heavy seepage and a sour silage.’
    • ‘About 50 million wet tons of alfalfa are ensiled annually in the United States, and 30-50 percent of this tonnage is inoculated at a cost of about $1 per ton.’
    • ‘Pits can be opened 10-15 days after ensiling but the silage will be unstable, as fermentation will not be completed.’
    • ‘The value of the crop for cattle feed if grazed, hayed or ensiled depends on yield, the price of alternative forages, and cost of utilization as forage.’
    • ‘Sugar concentrations will be reduced by wetness on the crop - thus, once these crops dry out they are most likely to be relatively easy to preserve provided they can be ensiled properly.’
    • ‘For example, an increase of 3 tonnes per acre, going from 9 tonnes to 12 tonnes per acre, reduces the cost per tonne ensiled by about €5 per tonne.’
    • ‘Observing the development of the corn kernel milkline can provide a guide as to when corn is at the proper dry matter content for ensiling.’
    • ‘I intend to ensile my thoughts here as the spirit moves…’
    • ‘The grain was crimped and ensiled and will be fed to the herd through a total mixed ration system.’
    • ‘They found that although red clover and alfalfa have similar protein levels, the protein in red clover does not degrade during ensiling nearly as dramatically as the protein in alfalfa.’
    • ‘The fungus might also affect ensiling indirectly by producing fractures in the cell walls and cuticle of the plant, thus giving fermenting bacteria a greater access to the forage.’
    • ‘They like to harvest at 40-65 percent moisture, and they wrap the bales in stretch plastic for ensiling.’
    • ‘Alfalfa-grass mixtures cure more rapidly and ensile more easily than pure alfalfa.’
    • ‘Eric Hanbidge says that tanks and drains should be inspected hourly after ensiling until effluent release from ensiled grass has stopped.’



/inˈsīl/ /ɪnˈsaɪl/ /enˈsīl/ /ɛnˈsaɪl/


Late 19th century from French ensiler, from Spanish ensilar, from en- ‘in’ + silo ‘silo’.