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  • A horizontal, continuous lintel on a classical building supported by columns or a wall, comprising the architrave, frieze, and cornice.

    ‘Each column supported an appropriate entablature, on the frieze of which was inscribed Pro Patria, ‘reminding the legislator of the end and object of his delegation.’’
    • ‘I've never seen so many colonnades, entablatures, pediments, porticos, coffered ceilings and statues adorning so many structures.’
    • ‘You find the abacus between the triglyphs in the frieze section of the entablature of classical Greek Doric temples.’
    • ‘The entablature's architrave and frieze break out over each individual engaged column, emphasizing verticality, while the cornice breaks out over each pair to unify the pier-column unit.’
    • ‘The large frieze panels connecting the archivolts form the entablature of the columns.’



/ənˈtabləCHər/ /ənˈtæblətʃər/ /ənˈtabləˌCHo͝or/ /ənˈtæbləˌtʃʊr/


Early 17th century (formerly also as intablature): from Italian intavolatura ‘boarding’ (partly via French entablement ‘entablement’), from intavolare ‘board up’ (based on tavola ‘table’).