Definition of entelodont in English:



  • A large piglike mammal of the Oligocene epoch with two bony knobs on its lower jaw.

    Suborder Suina, order Artiodactyla

    • ‘Meanwhile the omnivorous niches were filled by giant pig-like entelodonts like Archaeotherium (shoulder height 1 metre), which retained short legs and low-crowned teeth.’
    • ‘Among the creatures that walk the face of this new, cooler earth is the entelodont, a monstrous forerunner of the pig with massive shoulders and what must be the ugliest mug ever to have graced a living creature.’
    • ‘The Asian indricatheres and the American entelodonts both flourished then died out during this epoch.’
    • ‘The entelodonts, however, also possessed unusually good lateral jaw mobility.’


Modern Latin, from Greek entelēs ‘perfect’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’.