Definition of enter into force in English:

enter into force


  • Come into effect.

    ‘the treaty entered into force in 1975’
    • ‘It will have jurisdiction only over crimes committed after the treaty enters into force.’
    • ‘Reaching it does not mean that the Treaty enters into force, as some would have liked.’
    • ‘The two new treaties entered into force on 1 January 1958.’
    • ‘When the Treaty of Rome originally entered into force in 1958 it was not clear that it was intended to give rise to such actions on the part of individuals.’
    • ‘As a result of the ratification by EU Member States, the number of countries ratifying the Treaty will exceed 40 and the Treaty will now enter into force in 90 days.’
    • ‘This will require changing the EU's Constitutional Treaty once it enters into force.’
    • ‘The treaty entered into force on 9 November 1992, after a difficult ratification process that was complicated by the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991.’
    • ‘Even before the treaty has entered into force, many of the countries committed to carrying it out have discovered that they can do even better.’
    • ‘The treaty will not enter into force, however, until it is ratified by all 25 member states, through their national parliaments or popular referendums.’
    • ‘The revised treaty is expected to enter into force in 2004.’