Definition of enter into the spirit in English:

enter into the spirit


  • Join wholeheartedly in an event, especially one of celebration and festivity.

    ‘he entered into the spirit of the occasion by dressing as a pierrot’
    • ‘Schoolchildren in North Craven are entering into the spirit of Comic Relief with various fundraising events.’
    • ‘It's not just about money, it's about entering into the spirit across the nation.’
    • ‘These youths were not entering into the spirit of Halloween but just causing anti-social behaviour and it is particularly frightening for elderly people.’
    • ‘The staff are entering into the spirit and designing a crew outfit for the occasion based on Venetian boatmen complete with ribbons and sashes.’
    • ‘Miss Wood said: ‘Everyone entered into the spirit with gusto and there were some very fetching outfits with an appropriate percentage of cleavage on show.’’
    • ‘The children really entered into the spirit as well.’
    • ‘Even cynical UK sports writers have entered into the spirit of national optimism and who can blame them?’
    • ‘David Gooch entered into the spirit of April Fool's Day driving around the district with half a beard.’
    • ‘The staff had all entered into the spirit, wearing their England shirts.’
    • ‘‘Parents too are being encouraged to enter into the spirit,’ said Mr Gardner.’