Definition of enter someone's head (or mind) in English:

enter someone's head (or mind)


  • (of a thought or idea) occur to someone.

    ‘the thought never entered my head!’
    • ‘For a good while longer, I was disgusted with myself that the idea even entered my mind.’
    • ‘Once an idea like that entered my mind, there wasn't a reasonable fact you could throw at me that would get me to stop worrying.’
    • ‘‘My darling,’ said he, ‘I beg of you, for my sake and for our child's sake, as well as for your own, that you will never for one instant let that idea enter your mind!’
    • ‘In fact, even when financial circumstances would have allowed him to travel and revisit the place of his birth, it seems that the idea of doing so never entered his mind.’
    • ‘‘It never entered my mind to leave, to be honest,’ he insists.’
    • ‘The implication was that in his state such a question would not have entered his mind.’
    • ‘It does, of course, enter my mind that I am being considered for the tour, but really I have to make sure that I play well for Scotland.’
    • ‘In a match it doesn't even enter his mind, but it's in training that mental demons indulge in unsporting behaviour.’
    • ‘What occurred next had not entered his mind either.’
    • ‘It was very frustrating, and I would be lying if I said the idea of cutting it all off never entered my mind.’