Definition of enter someone's life in English:

enter someone's life


  • (of a person or thing) start to play a significant part in someone's existence.

    ‘Shiona had been sixteen when Jake entered her life’
    • ‘It isn't until she enters his life that he is able to discover his own talent.’
    • ‘But a 10-year-old boy enters her life, saying he's the reincarnation of her ex-husband.’
    • ‘But I have come to a conclusion about our fear and what we must do about it, and in part, this revelation entered my life just the other day.’
    • ‘In this case, the void has occurred because something hasn't entered my life.’
    • ‘In Mexico however they entered my life once again in a more substantive way.’
    • ‘Most of my friends have entered my life by accident and stayed there by worth.’
    • ‘Being successful can bring a lot of evils and I hope that they haven't entered my life.’
    • ‘And just exactly who is the one-eyed stranger that's mysteriously entered her life?’
    • ‘Someone you've never met will enter your life at some point in the future.’
    • ‘The relationship between Anna and David is tested when a wealthy gentleman, Edward, enters Anna 's life.’