Definition of enteral in English:



  • (chiefly of nutrition) involving or passing through the intestine, either naturally via the mouth and esophagus, or through an artificial opening.

    Often contrasted with parenteral

    ‘If surgery cannot safely be postponed, parenteral or enteral hyperalimentation should be started.’
    • ‘Forty patients will be randomly assigned to either standard enteral nutrition or standard enteral nutrition containing a probiotic.’
    • ‘Commonly, these infants need supplemental oxygen treatment for mild respiratory distress syndrome or parenteral nutrition until enteral feeds are established.’
    • ‘This may range from nil by mouth with total enteral support to full oral route or a balance of the two.’
    • ‘However, enteral feeding is withheld during monitoring with gastric tonometry because enteral feeding is thought to influence tonometric measurements.’



/ˈen(t)ərəl/ /ˈɛn(t)ərəl/


Early 20th century from Greek enteron ‘intestine’+ -al, partly as a back-formation from parenteral.