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  • Relating to or occurring in the intestines.

    ‘the complexity of the enteric nervous system’
    • ‘enteric pathogens’
    • ‘Gastric or enteric distension then may cause a shift of mediastinal structures.’
    • ‘Of these, many laboratories are directly working on viruses causing respiratory, enteric and neurological diseases.’
    • ‘In 1997, 2436 faeces samples from patients of gastroenteritis were processed for enteric pathogens.’
    • ‘All axons from the enteric nerve cells lack a myelin sheath.’
    • ‘Our laboratory does not receive samples from patients with infective diarrhoea caused by other enteric pathogens.’
    • ‘We obtained data for the study from the national registry of enteric pathogens, the Danish civil registration system, the national registry of patients, and the cancer registry.’
    • ‘It follows that enteric pathogens are of prime concern.’
    • ‘Antemortem stool cultures were negative for enteric pathogens.’
    • ‘Axial images through the abdomen were obtained following enteric and intravenous contrast.’
    • ‘The enteric nervous system contains a large number of neurons organized in intricate neuronal circuits.’
    • ‘Our results do not support previous data suggesting an inverse association between two common enteric infections and adult atopy.’
    • ‘The enteric nerve cells migrate following two pathways, one from each extremity of the neural crest, to implant along the whole of the vestigial gut.’
    • ‘Most pills are absorbed through the wall of the stomach into the blood stream, but enteric coatings are designed to resist acid.’
    • ‘It can result from infection with bacterial spores that produce and release the toxin in the body as in enteric infectious botulism, when the bacteria grow in the intestine, and in wound botulism, when the wound becomes infected.’
    • ‘There is increasing evidence of involvement of the enteric nervous system in immune regulation and in inflammatory responses in the gastrointestinal system.’
    • ‘This chapter briefly describes these extrinsic regulatory systems of nerves and the ways in which they interact with the intrinsic enteric nervous system.’
    • ‘Even the famous fold-out diagram of the autonomic nervous system contains a new diagram of autonomic interaction with the enteric nervous system.’
    • ‘Such factors might include overcrowding, other infectious agents including enteric infections, and diet.’
    • ‘The control of digestion depends on interactions between enteric neurons and a system of hormones produced by, and acting on, the gut.’
    • ‘The enteric nervous system is likely to be abnormal in children with autism for whatever the genetic reason for autism turns out to be.’
    enteric, gastroenteric, duodenal, coeliac, gastric, ventral, stomach, abdominal, visceral



/enˈterik/ /ɛnˈtɛrɪk/


Mid 18th century from Greek enterikos, from enteron ‘intestine’.