Definition of enteric fever in English:

enteric fever

Pronunciation /enˈterik ˈfēvər/ /ɛnˈtɛrɪk ˈfivər/

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another term for typhoid or paratyphoid
‘Note in particular the much lower incidence of diseases such as enteric fever and dysentery.’
  • ‘Following an incubation period of five to 21 days, patients with enteric fever usually present with sustained fever, anorexia, malaise, and vague abdominal discomfort.’
  • ‘Surveillance of enteric fever have been initiated.’
  • ‘Tragically, she contracts enteric fever and dies.’
  • ‘In 1900 in Durban, South Africa, he died of enteric fever while serving with the Imperial Light Horse in the Boer War.’