Definition of enterostomy in English:



  • 1An ileostomy or similar surgical operation in which the small intestine is diverted to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall or in another part of the intestine.

    ‘Two weeks later, via a midline incision, 37 vascular malformations from the small bowel and colon were resected using 20 enterostomies and 2 local small bowel resections with end-to-end anastomoses.’
    1. 1.1An opening in the abdominal wall formed during an enterostomy.
      • ‘The remaining 25 percent of patients underwent surgery to divert the fecal stream by creation of an enterostomy.’
      • ‘Where the patient's upper digestive system has some disease process or has undergone surgery, this can be bypassed by placing a feeding enterostomy tube in the lower part of the small bowel.’
      • ‘At this time, a demarcation is visible between necrotic and viable bowel, which allows the surgeon to resect the necrotic bowel and create an enterostomy at the distal end of the normal bowel.’