Definition of enterprise agreement in English:

enterprise agreement


  • A formal agreement on pay and conditions established jointly by employers and employees in an individual workplace.

    ‘the new enterprise agreement has been accepted by a strong majority’
    • ‘The agreement will provide the basis of an enterprise agreement for the business.’
    • ‘Recently registered enterprise agreements have contained clauses increasing the role of employees in decision making.’
    • ‘Average annual wage increases for certified enterprise agreements in the quarter were 3.7%, down from 4.2% from the previous quarter.’
    • ‘The protection of worker entitlements is now figuring in all enterprise agreement negotiations.’
    • ‘Offering job applicants work on condition that they signed individual contracts was one way of undermining the union and the enterprise agreement negotiations.’
    • ‘The policy would be adopted by individual employers through the enterprise agreement process, enabling it to be enforced.’
    • ‘They voted to include in all Enterprise Agreement talks a claim for a No Sweat Shop label on workplace clothing.’
    • ‘They have now agreed to address workers' concerns about wages and conditions and work towards an Enterprise Agreement to cover the factory workers.’
    • ‘As the union negotiated enterprise agreement was expiring, the company launched a campaign to de-unionise its iron ore operations.’
    • ‘The employer is intending to coerce employees into accepting enterprise agreements which they would not otherwise seek.’