Definition of enterprise zone in English:

enterprise zone


  • An area in which state incentives such as tax concessions are offered to encourage business investment.

    • ‘This area was declared an enterprise zone; generous tax breaks were offered and planning controls relaxed to induce businesses to relocate.’
    • ‘‘An alternative would be to name the entire stricken area an enterprise zone for some period of time, which would offer both tax incentives and regulatory waivers to stimulate investment,’ the editorial declared.’
    • ‘Also, one could argue that the state had already practiced economic affirmative action by declaring the area a state enterprise zone.’
    • ‘The opportunity is there for the west to reject the failed statist and centralised models of the past, and present itself as an enterprise zone, a hub of innovative activity between Europe and the United States.’
    • ‘We're going to make this country an enterprise zone.’
    • ‘In effect, mini development plans will have to be prepared for each enterprise zone.’
    • ‘They include: reparations for survivors and their descendants, a scholarship fund for residents, a memorial and an economic development enterprise zone in the historic district.’
    • ‘It would be nice to have enterprise zone status, and it does mean that we have to work a little harder, but that having been said the incentives wind down and we are into the last three years of the enterprise zone programme.’
    • ‘The move comes amid rising labour shortages and escalating wage costs in China's most successful special enterprise zone, set up in the wake of the nation's economic liberalisation that began in 1979.’
    • ‘Little wonder then that, faced with a disputed water bill and the prospect of paying business rates when enterprise zone status runs out next February, at a further cost of some 4m a year, they decided enough was enough.’
    • ‘More than 2,000 jobs could be created as part of a £100m investment in Britain's largest remaining enterprise zone, it will be revealed today.’
    • ‘A new motorway junction which will provide the gateway to a £50m enterprise zone has been given the green light.’
    • ‘The decline of agriculture as a share of gross domestic product and the confinement of the special enterprise zones to the eastern coastal areas has contributed to these regional disparities.’
    • ‘The second, described in the previous section, was the development of the enterprise zones that were confined to the eastern coastal areas.’
    • ‘The agenda items include enterprise zones, tax incentives, reliance on private institutions, private accounts, home ownership, and so forth.’
    • ‘Property tax abatements, employee training grants, and business-friendly enterprise zones are typical examples of financial support.’
    • ‘Many are offering tax incentives, lifting building moratoriums, establishing enterprise zones and even taking out national ads.’
    • ‘It has done some lending in enterprise zones and has put up the money to refurbish a Fife hospital, thus helping to bring old buildings back into use and provide low-cost accommodation.’
    • ‘‘It's being seen as a test of the conservative agenda, from enterprise zones to school vouchers and the repeal of labor laws, and these ideas deserve careful thought,’ he said.’
    • ‘Government might, for example, promote extension services or university-industry enterprise zones, to facilitate the transmission of research knowledge from academic circles to the private sector.’


enterprise zone