Definition of entheogenic in English:



See entheogen

  • ‘During the 1960s he associated with Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary, and was known for his defense of entheogenic plants and chemicals for religious purposes.’
  • ‘After his own drug-induced awakening, he surmised that religions may very well have been invented to explain entheogenic experiences.’
  • ‘I was reading that Demeter is famous for the poppy also, and wonder what kind of drug cults were associated with them, and whether the Persephone story is also allegorical of entheogenic trips, and shamanic voyages.’
  • ‘He notes that when religious scholars were given randomized descriptions of mystics' experiences and entheogenic drug experiences, they were unable to distinguish between them.’
  • ‘Many also suggest that the entheogenic experience helps to cultivate the conscious inner observer so fundamental to the spiritual journey.’