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  • Attractive or tempting; alluring.

    ‘an enticing prospect’
    • ‘Her extreme popularity among the Democratic base makes her an enticing choice.’
    • ‘They are the truth in a world of enticing illusions.’
    • ‘A pair of slots going right through the cliff looks enticing.’
    • ‘Elegantly dressed models from Bangalore set the ramp on fire with their enticing catwalk.’
    • ‘Hollywood couldn't have scripted a more enticing movie scenario.’
    • ‘Given its reputation, Bulgaria was an enticing location for Jay to research.’
    • ‘The Web component has proved particularly enticing for the new e-generation.’
    • ‘Apparently the Victorian government offered an enticing package to seal the deal.’
    • ‘For Solomon, the most enticing question to be answered is how Mercury was formed.’
    • ‘Cooper spins an enticing web, catching all readers who wander through her realm.’
    • ‘For many, the thought of going in dark evenings to a classroom designed for youngsters is hardly an enticing one.’
    • ‘All in all, it is a show which promises to be very enticing.’
    • ‘It is certainly not worthy of such an enticing place.’
    • ‘That has the potential to drive some enticing advertising deals.’
    • ‘This enticing book can stand alone or supplement a lesson on food or Chinese culture.’
    • ‘The shop itself had a bare wooden floor and enticing treasures.’
    • ‘The tale is plain and easily digested, but a weary traveler at rendezvous 36 might crave something more enticing.’
    • ‘His lips had met with something soft and enticing, sending pleasant tingles through his body.’
    • ‘There was something enticing in his vulnerability.’
    • ‘If all this activity makes you hungry they offer an enticing menu.’



/inˈtīsiNG/ /ɪnˈtaɪsɪŋ/ /enˈtīsiNG/ /ɛnˈtaɪsɪŋ/