Definition of entitlement program in English:

entitlement program


  • A government program that guarantees certain benefits to a particular group or segment of the population.

    • ‘Social Security is, after all, the linchpin of the American welfare state, the most popular and well-regarded entitlement program.’
    • ‘Who could have possibly predicted that a major entitlement program - a major health care entitlement program, no less - would end up costing vastly more than the original budget estimates?’
    • ‘That's the whole point, of course, since the only way to eliminate a popular entitlement program is to gradually remove its broad based support.’
    • ‘Medicare is a popular federal entitlement program that is legislatively sacrosanct.’
    • ‘The program presently costs over $30 billion annually, making it the largest entitlement program in the federal budget, aside from health programs and social security.’
    • ‘And spending on health care has skyrocketed, culminating in a brand-new entitlement program whose cost is conservatively estimated at $400 billion.’
    • ‘The same is true, I would have thought, of creating a massive new federal prescription drug entitlement program that builds in some free market principles.’
    • ‘I am not an advocate of privatizing Social Security, our nation's largest and most successful entitlement program.’
    • ‘We're talking about, for instance, lying to Congress about the costs of a huge entitlement program.’
    • ‘And then there's no entitlement program out there.’
    • ‘Not all students and institutions were aware of how the entitlement program works, and some applied for the wrong kind of grant or failed to send required supporting materials.’
    • ‘Estimating costs for any entitlement program is difficult because consumer demand for something with no cost to the consumer will prove to be infinitely elastic.’
    • ‘This entitlement program is noble but problematic.’
    • ‘Welfare as we knew it was an entitlement program that showed a distinct pattern over the business cycle.’
    • ‘In the absence of such a determination, the suspicion, which I would hope is not correct, arises that this is one more entitlement program.’
    • ‘Medicaid is the third-largest entitlement program, and in the past errors in projecting its costs have been quite large.’
    • ‘Is it even the most important entitlement program we have right now?’
    • ‘The prescription drug bill was an expansion of a traditionally liberal entitlement program.’
    • ‘It is almost like prosperity has become another government entitlement program.’