Definition of entomologist in English:


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  • A person who studies or is an expert in the branch of zoology concerned with insects.

    ‘entomologists have identified 800,000 different insect species’
    • ‘Giving plants the ability to withstand aphids is a better solution than killing the aphids, both entomologists said.’
    • ‘With contributions from 37 entomologists who are experts in corn insect pests, the handbook includes the latest techniques in corn pest management.’
    • ‘The professor, an entomologist by training, tracks all the pest problems that impact the state's cotton producers.’
    • ‘Entomologists recommend scouting fields and being alert to the potential for increased insects problems in early spring.’
    • ‘Entomologists recommend applying insecticides when 20% to 25% of the corn plants are infested with eggs or newly hatched larvae.’
    • ‘I have discussed our situation with entomologists who regularly deal with spider mites.’
    • ‘Forest entomologists call this inch-and-a-half-long insect, which has starburst spots on burnished black wings, potentially the worst ecological disaster North American forests have ever seen.’
    • ‘"When I first laid eyes on this beetle, I has the feeling it could be bad news," said the entomologist who first identified the strange insect.’
    • ‘It is hoped that a stable population of the species can be raised so that entomologists can further study this little known bug.’
    • ‘Entomologists believe that there will be plenty of mosquitoes for everybody to swat this year.’



/ˌen(t)əˈmäləjəst/ /ˌɛn(t)əˈmɑlədʒəst/