Definition of entomophilous in English:



  • (of a plant or flower) pollinated by insects.

    ‘Two forms of pollen viability are apparent in entomophilous species.’
    • ‘Thus, the aim of this paper is to describe, for the first time, the secretion and chemical composition of nectar in a presumed entomophilous species of Maxillaria and to compare this with data previously obtained for M. coccinea.’
    • ‘It has been described as a predominantly entomophilous species.’
    • ‘Orchids are generally entomophilous and rarely ornithophilous.’
    • ‘A similar pattern can be observed in Sorbus aucuparia, another entomophilous tree species, where a recent colonization of a plateau in Belgium yielded only a small loss of genetic diversity.’



/ˌentəˈmäfələs/ /ˌɛntəˈmɑfələs/