Definition of entrance hall in English:

entrance hall


  • The room or space immediately inside the main door of a large or grand building.

    ‘on the ground floor there was an impressive entrance hall leading to the various living rooms’
    • ‘The children's library at first floor level overlooks the entrance hall.’
    • ‘From the wooden gallery you look down into the entrance hall.’
    • ‘Daylight reaches down to the ground level, contrasting with the dim light of the historic entrance hall.’
    • ‘An elongated entrance hall leads past the library into the double-height void at the heart of the house.’
    • ‘The spiral stair acts as a viewing platform for a particularly precious antique tapestry hung on the rear wall of the entrance hall.’
    • ‘The entrance hall is a dignified and reassuring double-height space separated from the library areas by a glass wall.’
    • ‘The entrance hall is both austere and rather daunting.’
    • ‘When the couple steps into the impressive entrance hall they should have no problem leaving behind the hustle and bustle of life outside.’
    • ‘They shook hands and headed back for the entrance hall.’
    • ‘Guests entered through a marble-lined entrance hall.’
    • ‘Some of the huge columns in the entrance halls are engraved with Turkish decorations.’
    • ‘He added two wings and a new entrance hall in 1745.’
    • ‘The entrance hall has lovely arches and the easels were at a good viewing height.’
    • ‘Flanking the entrance hall are the museum shop and cloakrooms.’
    • ‘The entrance hall is tiled in black marble and is dominated by a dramatic striped artwork.’
    • ‘The imposing entrance hall gives onto the central court.’
    • ‘The sculpture has been removed from the entrance hall.’
    • ‘They were walking into a large entrance hall.’
    • ‘She stood in the once magnificent entrance hall.’
    • ‘He led the way from the entrance hall, leaving small wet footprints as he went.’