Definition of entrechat in English:



  • A vertical jump during which the dancer repeatedly crosses the feet and beats them together.

    • ‘On a set of constantly shifting black and white panels (think fine lace), the eight dancers make use of a frenzied vocabulary, whether in quicksilver entrechats, whiplash pirouetting, or angst-ridden arm gestures.’
    • ‘Renowned for her pirouettes and entrechats huit, she made guest appearances in London and Dublin.’
    • ‘Frankly, I ain't built for glissades, arabesques, entrechats or mincing around en pointe.’
    • ‘The intricate, filigree footwork - very occasionally embellished with a few ballet steps such as an entrechat - is, on its own terms, both fascinating and exciting.’
    • ‘I've often thought of him as the choreographer most likely to show us a man shaking his fist while performing entrechats.’
    jump, vault, spring, bound, hop, skip


French, from Italian (capriola) intrecciata ‘complicated (caper)’.