Definition of entremets in English:



  • A light dish served between two courses of a formal meal.

    ‘The course was called a met; the activities between courses were therefore the entremets.’
    • ‘Just like the entremets I bought on the same day, those small jewels weren't mere a eye-candy; the twelve little cakes had different tastes and textures on their own, and they were in no way ‘light’ - believe it or not, they were very filling.’
    • ‘Next to their small boutique, there was a cafe that serves a selection of entremets, and it was where my friend and I decided to have a cup of tea.’
    • ‘The book covers an impressive array of recipes for soups, sauces, hors d' oeuvre, egg dishes, fish, red meat, poultry, foie gras, game, pâtés, vegetables, cheese, fruits, baked goods, candy, entremets, ice-creams and preserves.’
    • ‘And so, later that night, the three of us proceeded to share and taste three entremets - here are our tasting notes!’



/ˌäntrəˈmā/ /ˌɑntrəˈmeɪ/


French, from entre ‘between’ + mets ‘dish’.