Definition of entrenched in English:



  • (of an attitude, habit, or belief) firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained.

    ‘an entrenched resistance to change’
    • ‘We now have the resources to tackle entrenched poverty.’
    • ‘The experiment in equality had no impact on entrenched discrimination.’
    • ‘In 1995, Lai founded Apple Daily, taking on Hong Kong's entrenched newspapers in a fierce price war.’
    • ‘A major obstacle to good governance is the entrenched lack of accountability within the government.’
    • ‘Whether he can make a dent on the entrenched culture there remains to be seen.’
    • ‘There is a question whether some long entrenched organisations will play ball.’
    • ‘Periodically a radical external mobilization confronts entrenched resistance within the university.’
    • ‘All sorts of authoritative, entrenched cultural positions can be tweaked by humor.’
    • ‘Even some of the most entrenched rough sleepers have been successfully accommodated.’
    • ‘Family members often commence therapy with entrenched views about which of them are responsible for family problems.’
    • ‘A now entrenched movement in the Internet world favors eliminating copyright altogether.’
    • ‘The entrenched systems of control are beginning to give way.’
    • ‘It was asking for the overthrow of generations of entrenched prejudice.’
    • ‘The success of these established brands gave rise to a deeply entrenched in-house establishment.’
    • ‘Codes must shake up an entrenched engineering corps that still favours technology over cost effectiveness.’
    • ‘Entrenched management attitudes can be an enormous obstacle to facility projects that can reduce costs.’
    • ‘The goal, very simply, was, and is, the protection of entrenched profits and power.’
    • ‘Individuals can, of course, be manipulated and misled by a malevolent guide or entrenched prejudice.’
    • ‘Low taxes, low services and entrenched business power means a stagnant future.’
    • ‘When Jesus told this story he was making an extremely important point about entrenched conflict.’



/ɪnˈtrɛn(t)ʃt/ /ɛnˈtrɛn(t)ʃt/