Definition of entrepreneurism in English:



See entrepreneur

  • ‘This sort of arrangement not only saves the organisers of overseeing the rudimentary rigours associated with ‘spot cooking’, but also contributes to the emergence of a new segment of entrepreneurism.’
  • ‘Nowhere is that better seen than in the late twentieth century, when the flexibility and intellectual entrepreneurism of the common law showed itself to be more than able to deal with the roller-coaster ride of modem life.’
  • ‘Based in Glasgow, it aims to improve the commercialisation of university research, foster scientific entrepreneurism and develop new approaches to the teaching of entrepreneurship.’
  • ‘Through opportunities of entrepreneurism and by offering alternative employment from that of the state, it provides absolute security to a few and relative security to many.’
  • ‘With a centralised economy that doesn't pass benefits of investment to the wider population, growth depends on state planning rather than entrepreneurism.’