Definition of entropic in English:


Pronunciation /enˈträpik/


See entropy

‘In keeping with the general entropic tendency of the universe, all my futile efforts at gathering and retaining, my naïve tendency toward nest-egging, fly directly in the face of the entire universe itself!’
  • ‘The other problem with paranoia is that it tends to become exhausting being so cynical and suspicious and any entropic system needs a continuous input of energy to continue working rather than excessive expenditures.’
  • ‘By tending towards the whole, it is possible to conceptualize the equalizing of difference in a fully entropic global communication system.’
  • ‘The problem seems to be that while we can fix it as much as we like, it only stays fixed until the next time I post something, at which point it just reverts to its natural entropic not actually working sort of state.’
  • ‘Cliche is symptomatic of an entropic democracy where meaningless statements are repeated unconsciously by the masses.’