Definition of entry-level in English:



  • 1At the lowest level in an employment hierarchy.

    ‘he was hired as an entry-level research assistant’
    • ‘And most bosses do not expect their entry-level employees to know every artist from the dawn of history.’
    • ‘Most start in entry-level jobs, such as data processing and mail sorting.’
    • ‘The majority of identity thefts occur thru contractors employing people in entry-level jobs that have not been properly screened.’
    • ‘He moved from entry-level analyst to director level in the treasurer's office in three years.’
    • ‘In some instances, that may not be enough to hire a top, entry-level assistant professor.’
    • ‘Most welfare recipients who have found work are employed in entry-level jobs, often part-time and temporary.’
    • ‘They commonly take entry-level jobs as taxi drivers, cooks, nursing assistants and other service workers.’
    • ‘He has offered him an entry-level job as an offensive assistant.’
    • ‘Much as I admire the feistiness of such entry-level CEOs, I must question the use of that title.’
    • ‘There were also big wage gains in retailing and construction, two industries that hire a lot of entry-level workers.’
    • ‘Most striking, for the first time in 20 years the plant is recruiting entry-level machinists.’
    • ‘In short order that strategy yielded 47 entry-level hires for his 225-employee company.’
    • ‘Many employers consider it the premier source for entry-level hires in this field.’
    1. 1.1(of a product) suitable for a beginner or first-time user; basic.
      ‘entry-level computers’
      • ‘The cost of broadband in the UK is falling, especially with the surge in interest for entry-level products.’
      • ‘Another factor was the drop in prices, especially for entry-level products, which has perked up purchases by small and medium enterprises and homes.’
      • ‘Shouldn't they have produced at least some entry-level product by now?’
      • ‘However, don't think of airguns as just entry-level products for new shooters.’
      • ‘I've driven this new rig and found it to be surprisingly refined and peppy for an entry-level product.’
      • ‘Many of the entry-level laser products have increased in price as to make competing products more attractive for consumers.’
      • ‘Additionally, the company has been producing its entry-level tuxedos in China for about three years.’
      • ‘They are your three basic, entry-level varieties.’
      • ‘And I've done nothing major about seriously furthering my basic entry-level interest.’
      • ‘This is a result of fierce vendor competition and continued development of the new entry-level notebook market.’
      • ‘The result - an entry-level car that feels like a luxury car.’
      • ‘This is still a lot dearer than many entry-level PCs, though.’
      • ‘The price of panels has fallen to such an extent that many PC manufacturers are starting to offer them with entry-level machines.’
      • ‘The entry-level wines of stalwart Australian wineries have crept up in price, and simultaneously slid in quality.’
      • ‘It offers space and reliability, but the fact that the entry-level engine is a 2.4 litre may dampen its appeal a little.’
      • ‘Its entry-level models provide a good balance between functionality, price and technical back-up.’
      • ‘But it does make excellent cameras and its entry-level machine is always competitively priced.’
      • ‘Some makers are starting to offer flat screens on entry-level machines for about €1,200.’
      • ‘The house is likely to attract young couples seeking an entry-level home in Dalkey, as well as older buyers trading down.’
      • ‘The simple level and skill systems make for a nice entry-level game.’



/ˈentrēˌlev(ə)l/ /ˈɛntriˌlɛv(ə)l/