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  • A way in to somewhere or something; an entrance.

    ‘For these reasons, split ductless systems are frequently found in educational and healthcare facilities, computer rooms, lobbies and building entryways.’
    • ‘Each uses a variety of traps, doors, entryways, and sanitizing procedures to keep the insects inside until they are intentionally released on approved weed targets.’
    • ‘It is suitable for entryways, lobbies, corridors, and other areas.’
    • ‘They entered the house through the front door and found the entryway that she remembered from her dream.’
    • ‘A door in the short entryway led to another small hallway with two rooms on either side and one bathroom on the end.’
    • ‘They approached the ominous entryway; its size seemed to defy the laws of physics.’
    • ‘Walking through his clothes littered room, he went down the hall to the entryway to get the door.’
    • ‘I watch in horror as the figure draws a bag into the entryway, closing the door silently.’
    • ‘He walked out to the entryway and opened the door then forgot to even say hello.’
    • ‘He hustled me toward the entryway that led downstairs, swung open the door, and shoved me through.’
    • ‘The two big glass doors fronting the building give way to a large entryway and a small set of stairs.’
    • ‘I let out a relieved breath and dumped my backpack in the entryway, shutting the door behind me.’
    • ‘The government is advising schools to improve security, to install locks on doors and windows, to limit building entryways.’
    • ‘Through the doorway of the cavern could be seen three entryways.’
    • ‘He disappeared through the nearest door, leaving me alone in the huge entryway.’
    • ‘On the right wall stood a set of French doors that stood open to an entryway.’
    • ‘Slowly slinking against the wall, she quietly made her way to the door that came off the entryway.’
    • ‘He dropped his backpack by the door and his coat on a bench in the entryway.’
    • ‘They went across the cavern and through the entryway that led through another passage.’
    • ‘The lift pinged and the doors slid open, revealing an entryway tiled in cool green marble.’
    entrance, way in, means of access, means of entry, ingress, access, approach



/ˈentrēˌwā/ /ˈɛntriˌweɪ/