Definition of enucleation in English:



See enucleate

  • ‘We report the case of a 49-year-old woman with a family history of retinoblastoma who developed a unilateral retinoblastoma at age 2 and was treated with enucleation, without adjuvant radiation or chemotherapy.’
  • ‘The lesion was initially treated by enucleation in another hospital 4 years earlier under a working diagnosis of ‘atypical ameloblastoma.’’
  • ‘Thus the first interpretation suggests a scene of castration and blindness: the figure's gesture is one of enucleation, the bird is about to bite his hand, and the title suggests that he covers the bird's eye with leaves.’
  • ‘To relieve the pain from the pressure, the decision was made to remove the interior portions of the eyes, a procedure known as enucleation, which can succeed if the shell is healthy.’
  • ‘When performed properly, the superior approach and the more commonly employed frontal method of postmortem enucleation are both nondistorting.’