Definition of enumerable in English:



  • Able to be counted by one-to-one correspondence with the set of all positive integers.

    • ‘He is best known for his work on polyadic groups, recursively enumerable sets, and degrees of unsolvability, as well as for his contribution to the unsolvability of problems in combinatorial mathematics.’
    • ‘He has a proof that we can turn any meaning assignment on a recursively enumerable set of expressions into a compositional one, as long as we can replace the syntactic operations with different ones.’
    • ‘The modern state, embedded as it is within the universal narrative of capital, cannot recognize within its Jurisdiction any form of community except the single, determinate, demographically enumerable form of the nation.’
    • ‘However, stratocladistics does ask hypotheses to be held accountable for the number of separately enumerable and logically independent discordances that they urge on their defenders.’
    • ‘In modern terminology we say that the set of valid formulas of first-order logic is recursively enumerable (r.e.).’