Definition of enumeration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of mentioning a number of things one by one.

    ‘the complete enumeration of all possible genetic states’
    count noun ‘it is not necessary to give an exhaustive enumeration of the circumstances’
    • ‘The list of categories of documents was not intended to purport an exhaustive enumeration of the vast number of documents contained there.’
    • ‘The schedules provided for detailed enumeration of the husband's usual occupation.’
    • ‘The enumeration of certain rights in the Constitution or in subsequent amendments does not deny the existence of other rights that remain with the people.’
    • ‘The varieties of this plant are so numerous that it would be beyond the limit of any cookery book to attempt an enumeration of comparative merits.’
    • ‘A true sense of proportion requires us not to burden our work with the incessant enumeration of details of secondary importance.’
    1. 1.1formal The action of establishing the number of something.
      ‘detailed enumeration of the income of the household’
      count noun ‘a complete enumeration of residents in the area’
      • ‘The call for a complete enumeration of the population will lead to the congregation of the statistical community to share best practice and experience in the planning and management, execution, processing, analysis, and dissemination of census data.’
      • ‘In hundreds of cases it was not realized until an actual enumeration was made just how many acres of such unused land there were in a city.’
      • ‘The exact enumeration of the populations is further complicated by the possible modification of both donor and acceptor molecules.’
      • ‘A partial enumeration of age was taken in 1821 and a more extensive investigation into occupations in 1831.’
      • ‘Identification and enumeration of most beetles and other insects is a skilled and time-consuming process.’