Definition of enumerator in English:



  • A person employed in taking a census of the population.

    ‘census enumerators’
    • ‘For example, in 1881 those whom the census enumerators clearly identified as being employed by the railway companies in east Kent numbered a total of 1,814.’
    • ‘The 1,000 enumerators recruited to collect census data across North Yorkshire in April will be asked to avoid going on to farmland with livestock.’
    • ‘Unlike previous censuses, enumerators do not have to go into people's homes to go through filled-in forms.’
    • ‘Because of widespread fears at the time that insanity was increasing, census enumerators were given special forms and extra pay to identify all severely mentally ill people, including querying neighbors of the person in question.’
    • ‘To fill in details about family and marital status and missing information on occupation, I turned to the census enumerators' books for 1841 and 1851 and local directories.’
    • ‘Consult some primary sources detailing the nature of women's work and household activities such as business records, census enumerators' books, trade directories, household budgets and private diaries.’
    • ‘An additional source has been the census enumerators' books, which may only be opened 100 years after their collection and give details about family composition and relationships.’
    • ‘Taking the sea staff into account, the total railway work force in 1881 in east Kent, basing the figure simply on census enumerators' evidence, was of the order of 2,200.’
    • ‘All told, the 1881 census enumerators' evidence numbered it at 319, with another eight persons who were probably, but not certainly, in railway employ.’
    • ‘The Census Office has warned civil servants not seconded to the census exercise as enumerators and supervisors to withdraw from the exercise.’
    • ‘The Census enumerators will start collecting the forms from Monday morning and it is expected that it will take them three to four weeks to complete the job.’
    • ‘Statistics recorded by census enumerators represented the very homes that soldiers were fighting to defend.’
    • ‘This painstaking process involved deciphering the handwriting of the census enumerators.’
    • ‘Secondly, there are the census enumerators' manuscript returns.’
    • ‘All of them also appear in the census, but the census enumerator made no effort to indicate which businessmen lived specifically in Blountsville.’
    • ‘The day the census enumerator came to my home, my school colleagues and I were having a meeting in my living room.’
    • ‘Working hard as student, school superintendent and census enumerator, Strong also engaged in politics during 1856.’
    • ‘This was published in a U.K. paper just before a long-ago census: ‘During the week the local enumerator has visited every house in the parish.’’
    • ‘The enumerators have been trained and census material obtained for all the 13 census regions in the province, he said.’
    • ‘Each enumerator will carry an ID card and wear a yellow Census bib.’