Definition of enunciative in English:



See enunciate

  • ‘What I would say is that he has lost the enunciative function with respect to what is news and how it is shown.’
  • ‘He stares at the camera, neither smiling nor frowning, a flaccid ageing man who, like the worst of the abuses of enunciative function, fails to speak - either confessionally or as insane - its own evil.’
  • ‘Once, when two passed into many, a shifting ruse claimed heritage, when clandestine revolution offered a way to dwell in enunciative loveliness, liquid, accelerated speech.’
  • ‘In this framework, I will argue that an enunciative split is central to the production of both Bugul's and Molloy's exilic selves.’
  • ‘Generically distinct from other public creatures, models have their own enunciative staples and rules for structuring an utterance.’